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4" Boobie Cactus

4" Boobie Cactus

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Add a touch of humor and whimsy to your plant collection with our 4" Boobie  Cactus (Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku'). This quirky cactus is sure to be a conversation starter, thanks to its unique shape that resembles, well, boobs! Perfect for gifting or adding a playful element to your home or office, the Boobie Cactus is both funny and fascinating.

Key Features:

  • Hilarious Appearance: The Boobie Cactus grows with ribbed stems that look like breasts, making it a fun and cheeky addition to any space.
  • Easy to Care For: This cactus is low-maintenance, thriving in bright, direct sunlight and requiring minimal watering.
  • Great Conversation Starter: Its unusual shape is sure to get a laugh and spark conversations, making it an ideal gift for anyone with a sense of humor.
  • Compact Size: At 4 inches, it's the perfect size for desks, shelves, or windowsills.

Care Instructions:

  • Light: Place in a location with plenty of direct sunlight.
  • Water: Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.
  • Soil: Use well-draining cactus soil to prevent root rot.
  • Temperature: Keep in a warm environment, avoiding frost and extreme cold.

Bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your friends with the 4" Boobie Cactus. Order yours today and enjoy the perfect blend of humor and horticulture!

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