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Mystery Rare Cutting

Mystery Rare Cutting

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This listing is for 1 or 2 mystery Rare cuttings. Whether you get 1 or 2 is dependent on the value of the cuttings provided. 

Possible Options: 

Philo Longilobatum 

Philo Florida Beauty 

Hoya Mauna Loa 

Hoya Sulawesi 

Syngonium Scrambled Eggs

Syngonium Orm Thong 

Syngonium Augustatum Variegated 

Variegated Mini Monstera 

Monstera Albo 

Monstera Aurea 

Philo Red Anderson 

Philo Holtinainum 

Syngonium Green Splash 

Adansonii Albo 

Adansonii Aurea 

Variegated ZZ

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