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Tissue Culture Acclimation Kit

Tissue Culture Acclimation Kit

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Here are all the supplies I personally use to acclimate tissue culture plantlets! Hopefully this kit can make your TC acclimation journey a bit easier.

I recommend using grow lights for your acclimation process, but natural light is ok too. Just make sure they are not in direct sun, but still get bright indirect light.

Each kit includes:

*12 Cell Humidity Dome with Vent


*Povidone-Iodine Solution

*Rubber Tipped Tweezers

*12 3" Nursery Pots

*Bag of Chunky Soil Mix

*Instruction Sheet and a List of Easier Starter TC plants


The 2nd picture is an example of what your kit will look like all set up!

(PLANTLETS ARE NOT INCLUDED) I 100% recommend ordering from TeenyPlantTC on Etsy.


If you have any questions while acclimating, I am happy to help the best I can!

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